To request that screensavers no longer appear on computers in your private office, please go to the IMITS Service Catalogue and follow these steps:

  1. Launch (while on a networked computer)
  2. Choose “I want Hardware or Software”, then choose “software”
  3. Check the box “Desktop Software”
  4. Scroll down and click “Finished. Review your request(s)”
  5. Click “Next”
  6.  Review or enter all information and click “Continue”
  7.  Enter all information on the next screen
    1. Order for existing Device – choose “Change PC Settings” from the drop-down menu
    2. Description of Change request – Type “Apply 60 minutes screensaver exemption GPO to hide existing screensaver”
    3. Enter a Business reason: “PC in private physician office”
    4. Quote or Cost Estimate – Choose “No – I do not need a quote before proceeding”
    5. Funding HA – Choose “PHSA”
    6. Enter 00-00000-000-00000000-0000000 for charge code. (Please ONLY use this charge code for this particular type of screensaver exemption request)
    7. Finish and submit

This request will take about 10 business days to take effect.

The instructions for Chrome Sync are the same as the screen saver requests through the Service Catalogue – the only difference is to step 7b and 7c:

  1. Description of Change request – Type “enable Google Chrome Sync’
  2. Enter a Business reason: example: require bookmarks for my work​

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