Project Lead:

Dr. Claire Seaton

Project Description:

Childhood asthma affects 1 in 10 children in BC. It is known that asthma control is improved if patients and families understand what asthma is, and why it is important to use asthma medications regularly and correctly. It is also known that an Asthma Action Plan, written for patients by their health care provider, can also improve asthma control. In 2015, ChildHealth BC created evidence based Childhood Asthma Guidelines, including family focused action plans, however, use of these resources has not been consistent across BC, or even within BCCH. This quality improvement project aims to improve family and patient-led asthma management in the community, by (1) improving patient education in the emergency department, where children and families often seek care for their asthma, (2) creation of a family focused asthma education video, linked to the provincial asthma action plans, with the aim to provide asthma education to families and caregivers anywhere, at any time ( (3) through the creation of a provincial wide Pediatric Asthma Network (BCPAN) whose aim is to promote educational opportunities and facilitate future provincial wide quality improvement. This project is spearheaded through the Division of Respirology, Asthma Program at BCCH, and supported by ChildHeath BC, the Ministry of Health GEPAC Committee (Guidelines and Protocols Advisory Committee), PHSA Physicians Quality Improvement Initiative and BC Lung.

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