Project Lead:

Dr. Anthony Cooper

Project Description:

The Waiting Room Project is an undertaking by the Pediatric Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Team. This project aims to support families and improve care within the Orthopaedic Clinic. We worked on alleviating the burden of care placed on families by connecting them with available resources both within the community and BC Children’s Hospital. To achieve this, (1) a pamphlet was drafted containing resources from numerous organizations and specialties and (2) a display was created to introduce the support team. We also rearranged the waiting room and obtain materials (e.g. new games) to facilitate interaction between families/children that are undergoing similar surgical procedures. To further improve the experiences of families within our clinic, we appointed a Waiting Room Facilitator to guide families to resources and run activities to facilitate the interaction between different patients and families. We also explored different types of activities to aptly choose what would be sustainable and best suited for to facilitate interaction between families. Additionally, a survey was conducted to gather information about the type of support families want and to evaluate the effectiveness of the Waiting Room Project. The project will be modified to accommodate patient/family needs and a formal support group will be created if sufficient need exists.

The greatest median wait time was identified as the time between waiting area to patient room (n=60, median = 20.5 min, max = 192min and minimum = 1min). The 2nd greatest median wait time was from waiting to see the 1st medical staff to waiting to see the physician and the greatest maximum wait time was from the waiting area to the patient room. Our observations demonstrate that an increase in number of patients, increase in number of physicians in clinic and later appointment times have led to increases the median wait time.

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