On June 12th, Kitch www.hospitalkitchen.ca provided samples of our food from an exclusive collection of local restaurant partners to the Medical Staff at BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital.

Hospital food and nutrition play an important role in patient recovery and well-being.  Yet, the food industry in health care is over-regulated and fails to produce high patient satisfaction scores as evidenced by consistently poor ratings year-over-year across Canada.  For those who have experienced it, hospital food can evoke a visceral reaction.  Envision dry white bread, mystery meat, soup created from yesterday’s main meat offering, Jello as dessert – all served on plastic trays wheeled throughout the hospital for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by a contracted foodservice worker.

Consumers are more ready than ever to accept innovation in the health system and new ways to enhance their experience in the system.  The future of health care moves rapidly into the hands of the consumer and in many cases, into the home.  People will monitor their heart conditions, detect concussions, monitor the progress of diseases and check up on moles and ear infections using apps, mobile phones and sensors.  Kitch is rooted with a similar bold vision – to bring personal choice, dietitian selected meals from reputable local vendors to the patients bedside to promote recovery and well-being.

As a healthcare professional you work hard to provide the very best care 24 hours a day. That means working during late evening and early morning hours to provide that care. Planning what and when to eat can be a real challenge. We deliver, with care to your hospital where you are working. Simple, secure ordering online. No sign-up required.

Visit www.hospitalkitchen.ca to learn more.  Patients, family members and health care professionals can order our dietitian selected meal options and have them delivered to the bedside, nursing unit, and/or your place of work.  Kitch believes that promoting optimal nutrition can lead to faster recovery times and reduced hospital costs to our system.  Stay tuned for our future Blog Posts as we develop new offerings throughout the year.


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