Project Lead:

Dr. Sandesh Shivananda


Dr. Emily Kieran

Project Description:

With advances in technology and innovative medical treatments, babies in need of complex care who previously would have died in early infancy, are living longer. These babies are described as high need, high utilizers and pose challenges in coordinating care from multiple care providers, during transition to early childhood. A study from BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital showed 50 of neonates discharged from NICU have emergency visits and hospitalization during first 3 years of life. In this project families and medical care providers are being consulted with to determine how to best implement the best practices for transitioning children with complex care needs from the newborn to early childhood period. Participants include researchers, administrators, managers, and key community and hospital stakeholders including families. Initially, a literature review was conducted to identify best practices for transition and a focus group with families to identify care coordination needs was held. A summary of these activities will be circulated to stakeholders, followed by deliberative dialogues to identify best practices that must be adopted by families, communities and hospitals. Finally participants’ intention to act on evidence and dialogue summary will be evaluated using a validated survey questionnaire.

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