As many you have discovered, the MSA Lounge has gained a few new changes in the past six months from the addition of a coffee machine, regularly stocked food and snacks, recycling bins, etc.

These changes have were made in the spirit of increasing member engagement and promoting a happy workplace environment. While these changes have been met with much positivity, the MSA board still believes that we can do better!

We, the MSA board of directors, are an MSA Lounge Committee to continue to inform lounge improvements, to ensure the space is utilized equitably, and to ensure future changes reflect the member’s voice.


The purpose of the committee IS to oversee the various aspects of the MSA Lounge – food and beverage services, space usage, cleanliness, and to make recommendations to the board. Recommendations are intended to inform, educate, and positively promote the MSA’s mission.


  • Provide a relaxing and inviting space in the MSA Lounge to increase staff engagement.
  • Encourage more staff members to utilize the space.
  • To make staff aware of events and opportunities provided by the MSA.


  • One Committee Chair
  • Up to four members of the community-at-large
  • At least one members of the Board of Directors
  • Additional expertise may be called upon to advise on specific issues, as required

Time Commitment

  • Meeting frequency: TBD by the committee
  • Meeting length typically up to one hour in length but determined by Committee members and as determined by the agenda.
  • Dates, times, and meeting locations will be determined by the Committee members.
  • Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Committee Chair.


  • One Year

Those who are INTERESTED IN JOINING the committee need only to send an email to with their Name, Title, and answer the question “What is your vision for the MSA Lounge?”.

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