Health Authority Redesign Funding Objectives

The Shared Care, Specialist Services and General Practice Services Committees provide funding to health authorities to enable physicians to lead, facilitate, and provide input into redesign and/or quality improvement of health services provided by health authorities.

Funding Criteria

Health authority system redesign work must:

  • focus on changes to clinical services or programs either within the health authority or as the health authority component of a provincial or inter-health authority project
  • have a clear scope, be time limited and project based
  • physician input and engagement should reflect appropriate application of IAP2 Core Values and Spectrum of Engagement. Identification of the level of engagement anticipated should be clearly outlined in the proposal.
  • ongoing committees or programs where physician participate will not be supported by this funding.

For PHSA, proposals submitted for funding consideration should meet the following additional criteria:

  1. Support at least one priority identified by PHSA’s Service Plan:
  • Goal: Support the health and well being of British Columbians
    • Targeted & effective primary disease prevention and health promotion
  • Goal: Deliver a system of responsive and effective health care services BC
    • A provincial system of primary and community care built around inter-professional teams and functions
    • Improved patient health outcomes and reduce hospitalizations for seniors through effective community services
    • Improved patient health outcomes and reduced hospitalizations for those with mental health and substance use issues through effective community services
    • Sustainable and effective health services in rural and remote areas of the province, including First Nations communities
  1. Identify how the project meets your respective Agency, Program or Service priorities for 2018-19.
  2. Identify/describe how the project will engage physicians. See Health Authority Redesign Proposal Template Appendix 1: IAP2 Spectrum of Engagement-Physicians

Physician Eligibility Criteria

The funding requested in the proposal is for physician compensation at sessional rates. Funding is intended to enable physician engagement in redesign and/or quality improvement projects. Funding is not intended for ongoing program administration, staff positions, or for clinical compensation.  However, Agency salaried physicians may be eligible for funding should the services fall outside the scope of the contract in hours or deliverables.

The following describes physician funding arrangements and eligibility for reimbursement under the system redesign funding initiative:

Funding Arrangement                       Eligibility for System Redesign reimbursement
PHSA salaried physicians Not eligible; some exceptions will be considered
Service contract physicians Eligible –  provided that participation is outside time paid for under service contracts
Sessional contract physician Eligible – provide that participation is not performed during time sessions billed for
Fee for service physicians Eligible


Proposal Development and Submission Process

Please submit a proposal using the Shared Care-Specialists Services Committee Redesign Funding for Physician Engagement proposal template. The proposal should describe the project goals, objectives, scope and estimated sessional costing of the project and engagement your agency wishes to support for fiscal year 2018/19.

The approved project must be completed and the approved funding must be spent by March 31, 2019. Approved project funding cannot be carried over into the following fiscal year.

Prior to submission, review the proposal with your respective agency, program or service medical and/or administrative lead. Once approved and signed, please submit your proposal requests to Kamaljeet Guram, Provincial Strategic Initiatives, Stroke Services BC, PHSA, , T: 604.829.2657.

Health Authority Redesign Proposal Template.2018-2019

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