Search for a newly created position – the Executive Vice President of Medical, Academic Affairs and Quality.

What is the role?

This position reports to Carl Roy, President & CEO of PHSA. You may have seen recent communications from him about this role in the context of his announcements regarding PHSA’s expanded provincial responsibilities and his new executive leadership team. The need for this role was identified last year through a consultation process with physicians and administrative leaders. It is intended that this position will bring a strong clinical voice to the executive table, lead the establishment of an integrated medical governance structure, and represent PHSA interests with the Ministry of Health and external partners on matters related to medical affairs, academics and research, and quality. Functions currently imbedded in PHSA’s Quality program will be the responsibility of this role, along with Research Administration and Practice Education. The successful candidate for this role will have a unique opportunity to improve healthcare in BC for the populations served directly by PHSA and in the capacity of PHSA’s broader provincial mandate by working collaboratively with external partners to constantly improve the health system.

How will the recruitment unfold?

Harry Parslow ( from the search firm of Caldwell Partners will be leading the search with support from Martha Papsin (, and Carla Gregor (  A role description has been developed and outreach to prospective candidates is now underway. In addition, a Search Panel has been created with broad representation. The Panel met for the first time on January 10th .  The timelines will depend on the availability of qualified candidates but there is a desire to fill this role as quickly as possible.

What is the role of the Search Panel?  Who is on it?

The Search Panel will be responsible for the search process including timelines, communication, consultation, confidentiality, advertising, candidate questions, and candidate evaluation.  They will interview all qualified prospective candidates and provide advice and counsel to Carl Roy with respect to the selection of a successful candidate. The Search Panel is composed of the following individuals:

Carl Roy, President & CEO, PHSA (Committee Chair)

Dr François Bénard, Chair, PHSA Research Leadership Council, BC Cancer Research Centre
Dr Linda Casey, President, Children’s & Women’s Medical Staff Association
Dr Jeremy Etherington, Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer Island Health (rep from another health authority)

Dr Linda Hoang, Chair, Medical Advisory Committee, BC Centre for Disease Control
Dr Monty Martin, Past Chair, Medical Advisory Committee, BC Cancer
Georgene Miller, Vice President, Quality, Safety & Outcome Improvement, PHSA

Susan Wannamaker, President, BC Children’s & Women’s Health & Vice President, PHSA
Dr Eric Webber, Chair, Medical Advisory Committee, Children’s & Women’s
Dr George Wiehahn, Chair, Medical Advisory Committee, Forensics

Donna Wilson, Executive Vice President, People, Diagnostic and Treatment Services, PHSA
Dr Frances Wong, Vice President, Medical Affairs & Medical Information BC Cancer
Carla Gregor/Harry Parslow (Committee Supports)

How can I get more information?

We will be providing regular updates as the search process unfolds. However, if you have additional questions about:

Ø  The search process, talk to one of the panel members and/or contact Carla Gregor

Ø  The role description – contact Carla Gregor

Ø  Your personal interest in the role, contact Martha at

How can I help?

You can play a role in this important search. If you know of an individual who you think might be a good fit for the role, or anyone who might know of others who are a good fit for the role, please contact Martha.

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