A Workshop for ALL C&W Medical Staff Supported by MASES and Facility Engagement at C&W

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018
Room K0-155 in the Ambulatory Care Building
6:30 – 9:00 PM (light dinner served 6:00pm)

Are you overwhelmed with the volume of emails, texts, tweets and other assorted unsolicited interruptions you receive daily? Do you have trouble concentrating on one thing because so many things are vying for your attention? Have you ever stopped and asked what impact this has on the quality of your work and life?

This workshop will show you recent research into the negative impacts of digital distractions and multitasking, along with scientific evidence that technological devices are affecting our behaviour and neurological capacities. The workshop is intended to provoke thoughtful dialogue and more mindful approaches to digital technology, both at work and in our homes. Practical and easy to implement strategies to create more balanced and healthy interactions with technology will be explored.

Dr. Paul Mohapel is a consultant, lecturer, educator, researcher, and facilitator. With a background in neuroscience, he uses his extensive knowledge of the brain, psychology and leadership to help us understand the importance of a holistic approach to providing effective and productive leadership. He is a faculty member at Royal Roads University in Victoria and has worked extensively with the Canadian Medical Association to design and facilitate workshops for health leadership, presenting them both nationally and internationally.

Please join us for a fascinating evening. If you are unable to attend Oct 31st, a second opportunity is being planned for the spring of 2019.

Contact cburzan@cw.bc.ca for more information or RSVP below.


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