Project Lead:

Dr. Christopher Reilly, Dr. Kishore Mulpuri, Dr, Emily Schaeffer, Susan Schroeder

Project Description:

Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is the most common pediatric hip condition, ranging in severity from mild dysplasia to hip dislocation. The burden of disease is significant and even when treated, DDH is a major cause of early hip replacement or osteoarthritis in young adults; however, missed or late diagnoses can lead to more complex and invasive treatments and exacerbated long-term debilitating effects. Many countries have instituted effective selective screening or surveillance programs for DDH that have reduced the late presentation of hip dislocation. Currently there is no standardized practice guideline for DDH screening in BC. Developing such a guideline for BC is an important next step in optimizing DDH screening and care throughout the province. A standardized guideline has the potential to drastically improve patient outcomes, reduce the emotional and financial burden on families, allow care providers to treat more effectively, and potentially alleviate strain on hospital resources. The goal of this project is to 1) bring key stakeholders and societies in BC together for a meeting/discussion to identify the current DDH screening practices for early diagnosis, and 2) use the information gathered from stakeholder meetings to develop a comprehensive Care Pathway for DDH Screening in British Columbia.

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