Project Lead:

Dr. Shazhan Amed


Dr. Jean-Pierre Chanoine, Susan Schroeder, Jaylene DeGroot, John Jacob, Sharleen Herrmann

Project Description:

With the rapid advancement in diabetes related technology and the imminent arrival of closed loop technologies, it is essential that the BCCH Diabetes Program develop a comprehensive strategy to support the optimal use of existing and emerging diabetes technologies via integrated and specialized educational programs for patients and families within the context of the highest quality of pediatric diabetes care. This strategy would encompass both direct care provided at BCCH as well as care provided in the regional and community setting across all health authorities. The goal of this project is to improve the care of patients with Type 1 diabetes seen at the BC Childrenā€˜s Hospital Diabetes Program by engaging both patients and care providers, as well as administrative partners in a 5-year visioning process that will develop a comprehensive strategy for improving care quality and integrating the use of diabetes technology in clinical care. This project team crosses multiple areas at BCCH including: the Endocrinology & Diabetes Unit, Ambulatory Program Administration, and the BCCH Strategy and Innovation Office.

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