Project Lead:

Dr. Norbert Froese


Andrew Poznikoff

Project Description:

Anesthesia and the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), in collaboration with Surgery and the surgical suites administration, explored meaningful ways to connect with patients and their family after day care surgery. This post-operative follow up project is essential in raising the standard of care, identifying and addressing complications, and gathering useful data which may be used to improve clinical practices and patient outcomes. This project aimed to capture patient post-operative outcome data by creating an electronic version of the follow-up telephone record which is currently paper based. With outcome data, QA audits can be performed to ensure optimal peri-operative care. Additionally once implemented, a follow up patient satisfaction survey can be incorporated easily.

Desired post-operative outcome questions have been selected and a REDCap form has been designed with a printable telephone record template. Nurse feedback has refined the questionnaire and identified the best method of implementation. The Clerks have been engaged and fully support the project, being key players in the operational flow of the project. Initial tests have shown its ease of use with further testing has also commenced. Collaboration with the Child Kind initiative has begun and will provide opportunities to gather additional data around post-operative pain management.

Project still in progress.

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