Project Lead:

Dr. Erika Henkelman

Project Description:

This project aimed to introduce team building activities to improve staff wellness as well as strengthen relationships, collaborations, and communication within the Plastic Surgery team. We organized five activities plus the delivery of fruit baskets. Our clinic played a round-robin badminton tournament at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club, we spent an afternoon making individual paintings at Luminous Elephant, we had a picnic at Jericho beach where we invited everyone’s family to attend. We went to Lucky-9-Lanes for bowling, and had lunch-time trivia with IQ-2000. Feedback from our clinic included: “I liked the fruit because it encouraged healthy eating in the clinic”; “The activities allowed us to know people on a different level, have fun, build stronger relationship and rapport”; “Preparing for the activities brought our team together”; “Doing the activities in work hours was ideal because it’s nice to take a break and just stop thinking about work for a couple of hours; four times a year is doable, even once or twice”; “We were able to do a lot with a small amount of money”; “Every department should have team building activities”. The plastic surgery clinic is grateful to MASES for funding this project.

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