Recognition for your commitment to leadership

In the complex and ever-changing field of health care, it takes significant commitment, effort and time to make leadership a priority. We believe this achievement deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Learn more about the PLI certificate and CCPE credential.

Physician leadership Institute (PLI) certificate

Every step you take in your leadership development counts. That’s why the Physician Leadership Institute has created a new certificate recognizing physicians that have taken courses to deepen their knowledge of fundamental leadership concepts, theories and skills.

Benefits of the PLI certificate

  • Demonstrates that you’ve acquired the knowledge you need to be an effective leader
  • Can be an asset as you progress into leadership positions
  • Can act as a stepping stone to CCPE

Requirements to apply

  • Completion of 5 PLI courses within the last 5 years*
  • Any course format applies: face-to-face, online and in-house
  • Be a CMA member in good standing. Not a member? Join

No deadline to apply – get your certificate any time

*Note: 2-day face-to-face courses (open enrollment or in-house) qualify; 1-day courses will be valued at 0.5 credit towards the certificate.

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