Photovoice Project

Background: We would like to understand what factors contribute and detract from quality care on campus from your perspective. The purpose of this study is to encourage engagement among MSA members as well as obtain information that can be used to showcase and scale up programs that are working well and to reduce obstacles to providing quality care. This project will be open for participation from May 30th to June 27th and following the four-week period we will report back to the Medical Staff Association and use the information collected for future quality improvement initiatives.

Method: “Photovoice”, defined as a unique research strategy ‘by which people create and discuss photographs as a means of catalyzing personal change’”, is the specific method of participatory action research (PAR) that will be used in this project.

Inclusion Criteria: You are eligible to participate in this project if you are a healthcare provider at BC Children’s & Women’s and Sunny Hill and thus registered in the local Medical Staff Association. This includes all nurse practitioners, physicians, surgeons, midwives, and dentists.

Project Procedure: In order to understand what factors are most important to you we have created four questions that we would like you to respond to using only photos.  The four questions are:

  1. What is your highest quality improvement priority?
  2. What is working well on your campus and could be scaled up/replicated?
  3. What does workplace wellness look like to you?
  4. What supports effective communication on your campus?


  1. Read project background and consent guidelines included below.
  2. Take a photo that demonstrates an answer for any of the questions listed above. Photos can be taken with your camera phone or any other device and the files must not exceed 500 MB in order for them to be uploaded. Please view this video on how to take the best photos on your camera phone
  3. Create a caption considering the guidelines provided by the SHOWED Acronym
  • What do you See here?
  • What is really Happening here?
  • How does this relate to Our lives?
  • Why does this situation, concern, or strength Exist?
  • What can we Do about it?
  1. Submit an answer for at least 1 out of 4 questions by following the link and fill the photo upload form.
  2. You are done! Thank you for participating in the Photovoice Project, you are now eligible to win a $50 Starbucks giftcard!

*If you have any problems with your submission please contact Lamiah Adamjee at Participants are asked to answer all four questions (i.e. submit a maximum of four photos in total)

Consenting: By Submitting participants are providing implied consent for photos. For more details please read the ownership of photo section below. Please ensure that you obtain informed consent for any photo with an identifiable subject other than yourself. In addition to obtaining verbal consent, please collect the name and contact information (preferably email address) for every subject that appears in the photo. A sample of how to obtain consent can be seen below Please do not take photos of patients even if you can obtain consent as we’d like to protect patient confidentiality.

Declining Consent: You do not have to participate in this project or give a reason as to why you do not wish to participate.

Confidentiality: Participants privacy will be respected at all points through this project. Participants will be given the option to submit photos anonymously in which their name will only be used for the prize draw and nothing else. However, in order to give those who would like to be identified as the photographer the opportunity to be named, this option will also be provided.    

Benefits: This project provides medical staff with the organizational benefit of becoming more engaged in care quality on campus and advocate for change in their work environment. Studies have shown that engagement is correlated with a number of performance outcomes. Furthermore, all project participants will be entered into a weekly prize draw in which they can win great prizes.


Weekly Submission Prizes: One prize a week for 4 weeks for weekly participation through a draw system. Prizes will be one $50 Starbucks gift card.

Post-Project Prizes: After the four-week submission period, the Photovoice Project Team will select the best photo submission for each question. Participants whose photo submissions are selected will receive a $250 Apple gift card. A total of 4 gift cards will be presented.

Risks: There are no known risks of participating in this project except organizational backlash for controversial photos. If you feel compelled to take a photo that may be deemed controversial please choose the option to remain anonymous in order to remove any potential organizational repercussions.

Ownership of Photos: I acknowledge that the copyright in the Recordings made by me and all other rights in the Recordings or copies or reproductions thereof of photos submitted in this project are the sole property of MSA PHOTOVOICE PROJECT TEAM.

I acknowledge that I will not receive any compensation for making these Recordings. I understand that my consent does not expire and the raw, unedited Recordings may be retained for an unlimited time.

I hereby release MSA PHOTOVOICE PROJECT TEAM from any and all liability arising from use of the Recordings and disclosure by MSA PHOTOVOICE PROJECT TEAM and others of any of my Personal Information contained in or associated with the Photo for informational, health promotion, clinical evaluation, educational, research, editorial, public relations and/or public promotion purposes, including by way of the Internet, including without limitation use in conjunction with any media activity, broadcast or other publication for any purpose.

Contact:  If you have any questions or desire further information with respect to this study, please contact the study Undergraduate Project Coordinator, Lamiah Adamjee at



Photovoice Project Team:

Dr. Douglas Courtemanche, Pediatric Plastic Surgeon, BC Children’s Hospital
Mr. Damian Duffy, Executive Director, OPSEI, BC Children’s Hospital
Dr. Marija Bucevska, Researcher Plastic Surgery, BC Children’s Hospital
Ms. Rebecca Courtemanche, Researcher Plastic Surgery, BC Children’s Hospital
Ms. Lamiah Adamjee, Undergrad Project Coordinator, UBC
Mr. Bababunmi Fashola, Program Coordinator, OPSEI, BC Children’s Hospital