Project Lead:

Dr. Michelle Belanger

Co-investigators and Collaborators:

Dr. Mark Rosengarten

Project Description:

This project facilitated the creation of a website for the Obstetricians of BC Women‘s Hospital. The obstetricians of BC Women‘s practice in individual private offices however work collectively to provide primary and consultative obstetrical care when women are admitted to the hospital. Despite the critical role they play in many women‘s childbirth experience at the hospital, obstetricians are not mentioned on the BC Women‘s Hospital website. It was felt that an OB Group website could effectively explain who they are, their role at the hospital, and how they interact and collaborate with the other maternity care providers at BC Women‘s. The website was also structured to provide patients with information about the course of prenatal care, standardized instructions about what to do when in labour, and a communication template to use when contacting the on-call OB for advice. (

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