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November 2022 Newsletter

Nov 18, 2022 | Newsletter

President’s Message

Hello MSA Members,

Yes, it’s been a long time between MSA Newsletters, for which I apologize. However, there’s been a lot going on so let’s review what’s been going on with your MSA in the last few months, and review what to expect in the near future.

In a recent and welcome development, the MSA President is now part of the C&W Executive Committee. When the C&W Executive team reshaped our organizational chart, I was happy to see that both the chair of the Medical Advisory Committee (Dr. Suzanne Vercauteren) and the Medical Staff Association President (myself) were included in the Executive Committee. The MSA president is there to represent the views and interests of frontline clinicians. Thankfully that usually aligns with the interests of our patients and our institution! Since the president is elected by membership (instead of being appointed like the MAC chair), I feel relatively free to challenge assumptions and point out potential flaws in plans – in a constructive and collaborative manner, of course.

Personally, I feel it’s been a steep learning curve for me this past year, never having really participated in MSA activities to this extent previously. It would have probably been better for you, the membership, if you’d gotten a president who had some training under their belt! Which leads me to the next point – our next MSA meeting on Monday December 5th is the Annual General Meeting, during which you will elect your next MSA Executive Board. I’ll be running again for President, while Dr. Li Wang will be standing for Secretary/Treasurer again. Anyone interested in running for these roles is welcome to submit their candidacy! However, the position of Vice President will be open as Dr. Myles Cassidy is stepping down. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in helping to shape the MSA as it grows and strengthens. The VP functions as the alternate for meetings the MSA President attends (Executive Committee, MAC, HAMAC, hospital Dept Heads and Medical Leads), and in this sense is a great position from which to learn the nuances of how our institution works, before having to regularly function within it (as future president, perhaps). I’d foresee the VP also taking an active hand in the creation and running of the various MSA committee’s we’ve proposed but haven’t quite yet gotten off the ground – though they’re still a top priority. (Check your emails as I’d love to get meetings of the Leadership Committee and Global Health committee up and running this month.)

All of which is to say – please consider running for MSA VP (or any of the Executive positions). All you need to do is email me before Wednesday Dec 30th (, letting me know of your interest, and include a brief bio – so I can introduce you during the AGM, where you can speak directly to the attendees to let them know of your vision for MSA (3 minutes max, please) before the voting. If you have any questions about the position or have the slightest spark of interest, please feel free to email me and we can chat.

Thank you to everyone who has paid their dues this year – and we’re working on getting receipts issued to those of you who have contacted us. Apologies for the growing pains. And if you haven’t paid yet, here’s another reminder to do so!

Looking forward, we have the AGM and election in December. We’ve committed to more MSA lunches in the Lounge, with a special guest or theme each month. We also will be starting the MASES Engagement Project application process much earlier this year, which was unusual thanks to CST launch. We’re hoping to accept project requests starting in mid-January, and have final decisions made by mid-March so projects can start spending their allocations when the new fiscal year starts in April 2023. So think about Engagement projects for next year, early. We may alter the structure of the funding for smaller but more frequent allotments, as well as setting aside funding to support the work of the MSA committees once they’re up and running. Please do consider volunteering for a committee (though your time is paid!) if a particular topic speaks to you.

There’s a lot to look forward to and I hope you’ll continue to reach out to me with questions, complaints, and suggestions.

MSA Lunch

The next MSA Lunch Date will be on Wednesday November 30th, starting at 11:30am, in the MSA Lounge. Stop by to chat with our special guest – Dr. Eric Webber, chair of the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee. Come learn and chat about HAMAC, connect with colleagues, and take a few minutes for yourself while enjoying Middle Eastern food from Superbaba.

Long Service Recognition Ceremony

Save the date! There will be a Long Service Ceremony on December 6th (location TBA) – a chance to recognize those staff, including MSA members, who have worked on campus over many years. More details to be announced; keep an eye out in your email.

Financial Seminar Series

We are pleased to announce that the Surrey Hospital Medical Staff Association is inviting all other MSA members to its first Financial Series Session with Dr. Mark Soth. It will take place on Monday, November 28, 5-7 pm via Zoom.

In this first session, Why Money Matters in Medicine, Dr. Soth discusses what money and wealth are, and how financial health is vital to combat burn-out and reach their full potential. Medical Staff will have the opportunity to discover the value of their time and how to gauge their financial progress.

CPSBC License Feedback Opportunity

The College is proposing amendments to three license classes. 

Associate Physicians – Acute care
Associate Physicians – Community primary care
Restricted – American Board of Medical Specialties certified physicians

If you’d like to provide feedback on these license classes the submission deadline is December 5, 2022. Please follow the link to do so:

Joke of the Month

There once was a Viking named Rudolph the Red.  One day he said to his wife:  “I’m sure there will be a storm tomorrow.”  
She replied “How do you know?”  
He said “Because Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear”

BC Children’s & Women’s Hospital Medical Staff Association

Executive Board:
Dr James Chen, President
Dr Myles Cassidy, Vice-President
Dr. Li Wang, Treasurer
Dr. Linda Casey, Past President

Dr. Kishore Mulpuri, Surgery

MSA Project Managers:
Roya Yamini
Stephanie Rudnisky

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