Project Lead:

Linda Knox & Dr. Mark Rosengarten

Project Description:

The My Best Birth Working Group intends to raise awareness of the value of physiologic birth and uphold the values of patient centered care. This project was identified as a Strategic Priority by the BCWH Executive. The work of this group is to gather evidence with regard to current state and then implement identified strategies to increase the rate of physiologic vaginal birth at BCWH. This requires engagement of all maternity care providers on site to understand how the care provided has the potential to support the normal processes of labour and birth or undermine/disrupt them. In partnership with persons delivering at BCWH, an inventory of what works well and what might benefit from further evaluation and change is being developed. This includes all processes including but not limited to how patients are greeted upon arrival, the language used when providing care, the physical space patients labour, deliver, and stay in while admitted, inter-professional relationships and teamwork, policies and protocols, keeping patients at the center of care and supporting them to be primary informed decision makers and to have autonomy and agency over their bodies and experiences.

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