Hello all C&W medical staff:
Happy New Year to you all and welcome back from your short breaks if you were able to have one.
As notified last month at at our last MSA meeting, PHSA CEO Carl Roy and the PHSA Board are conducting a review of the structure/organization of our medical staff in the context of how we deliver clinical care.   An external consulting group was hired by PHSA to assist with this review and to make suggestion for improvements for future. This process is occurring throughout PHSA agencies.
As MSA members of C&W, I am asking for you all to focus on C&W and consider providing feedback, thoughts and potential solutions even.   Your MSA executive are active members of the PHSA PHYSICIAN GOVERNANCE AND LEADERSHIP ADVISORY GROUP (PGLAG). PGLAG has been chosen by Carl Roy to act as the steering group for this review.    The final outcome form this review will be fully discussed at PGLAG before there is presentation to the PHSA Board.
Attached are two documents for you reference:
1   An overview and introduction of the process that is underway as presented by the consulting group to PGLAG.
2.  A summary of the interview summaries or feedback to date based on work by the consulting group.
Your MSA executive and PGLAG has been given the directive below:
”   Coordinate involvement of the medical community you represent in providing written feedback by Jan 31st on the summary of the current state, with the understanding this process is iterative and building on each session, so feedback after January 31st will also be accepted and incorporated where possible.  “
So, given the short timeframe – I would invite any of you to send me your comments in writing or in person, e-mail, etc…..any manner you wish, and I will forward your comments onto the consulting group.
We would also consider arranging one or two MSA group sessions at the end of January if this would be of value.
Your MSA executive members are:
Henry Woo
Linda Casey
Doug Courtemarche
Jugpal Arneja
Pleas feel free to send me any comments or questions to drhwoo@gmail.com.    I am also to meet with individuals if further clarity is required. There will be updates on this process on the C&W MSA website as well at www.msacw.ca
Thank you.

Dr. Henry L. Woo

President, C&W Medical Staff Association (MSA)


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