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MASES Projects



Put succinctly, the Medical Allied Staff Engagement Society is composed of the MSA members and leadership. MASES is the non-profit entity that channels funds from the Doctors of BC Facility Engagement Initiative – the MSA cannot receive the funds directly. The purpose for MASES and the FEI is to strengthen communication, relationships, and collaboration between facility-based MSA members and the health authority. Learn more about the FEI.

The overarching purpose of the FEI is to facilitate meaningful engagement and consultation between physicians and health authority leaders. For this reason, please carefully consider if the MSA/FEI is the best avenue for funding your project.

The key outcomes of this work as described in the FEI Memorandum of Understanding are listed below. Projects that explicitly address one or more of these objectives will be considered for funding.

  • Improvements in effective representation of medical staff views.
  • Support for medical staff contributions to the development and achievement of health authority plans and initiatives that directly affect physicians.
  • Improvements in the ability of medical staff to prioritize issues significantly affecting physicians and patient care.
  • Creating opportunities for meaningful interactions with Health Authority leaders, including physicians in formal Health Authority medical leadership roles.
  • Improvement of physician access to appropriate information to allow for more effective engagement and interaction between physicians and Health Authority operational leaders.
  • Support for physicians to acquire leadership skills required to participate effectively in discussions regarding issues and matters directly affecting physicians and their role in the health care system.
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