Make 2017 the year you master change and influence

Changing behaviours and navigating organizational politics are just some of the challenges physicians regularly face in their profession. What if we told you the strategies, tools and techniques all physicians need to successfully implement change or exert influence in 2018 are available this November in Vancouver? Be ready for the coming year by registering for:

Leading Change
(November 19 – 20, 2017)
Vancouver, BC

Change is relentless in health care. Master the art and science of change management so you can more effectively lead it. This course will teach you strategies for motivating others, and will provide you with an understanding of your leadership style and how to overcome opposition.

Developing Strategic Influence
(November 21 – 23, 2017)
Vancouver, BC

Small ‘p’ politics exist in every leader’s world. This course explores practical, authentic ways for health care leaders to navigate through their interactions with various stakeholders while maintaining autonomy, integrity and sanity — and keeping an eye on the organization’s vision.


Event hosted by the Canadian Medical Association

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