Project Lead:

Dr. Esther Lee & Dr. Theresa Newlove

Project Description:

Patient morbidity and mortality have immediate and ongoing impacts on direct care staff who provide care in the tertiary setting. Burnout and compassion fatigue can negatively impact patient care outcomes; conversely, resilience and staff wellness are associated with best patient care outcomes. Prioritizing care for providers translates to prioritizing the best possible patient care. The commitment to supporting direct care staff is evident in existing practices at BCW and BCCH.

This project aims to identify current practices within sites, with the intent to enhance and expand these programs and unit based wellness initiatives consistently, develop and provide a protocol to provide ongoing support and education to front line leaders to support their direct care staff; and, begin the development of an organization wide peer-to-peer mentoring support system. Evaluation of the impact on those receiving and providing support will be integrated into the study design. Short and long-term results will be assessed using standardized measures and feedback to understand the effectiveness of these support strategies for staff facing the challenges of providing acute and complex care. The results will be used as a platform to begin development of an organization based program dedicated to providing a ‘standard of care’ for care providers.

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