Project Leads:

Dr. Nancy Kent & Dr. Ken Lim

Project Description:

In an era of unrelenting distractions, email, social media, work demands, and the pressure to respond quickly to pages, code calls and hallway consults, physicians, and in particular physician leaders, now more than ever, need to learn to sharpen focus in order to thrive in the complex world of healthcare.

Recent research suggests that as leaders move into more senior positions, their attention and social skills suffer. The hectic pace of leading appears to be contributing to greater stress, poorer focus, and reduced productiveness. Moreover, modern technology, such as email, has been shown to be the leading cause of workplace distraction. The same could be said, for clinical medicine. In order to address this, two interactive workshops on reducing distractions in the workplace were organized with Dr. Paul Mohapel of Royal Roads University. These workshops were held on site to engage medical staff in how to reduce the distractions of digital technology and the provision of the neuro-behavioural research that tells us that we cannot multitask effectively as it reduces productivity, focus and comprehension.

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