What is the Facility Engagement Management System?

The Facility Engagement Management System (FEMS) is a web-based information system that provides overall business management support and functions for the Facility Engagement Initiative at both the site and provincial levels. All physician societies with full funding status will use FEMS, at no cost to them, to support their facility engagement work.

What does FEMs do?

For all physicians and allied health professionals: Processes and tracks sessional claims for facility engagement activities, and collects feedback for evaluation purposes. • For physician society executives and staff: Supports the management, tracking and reporting of engagement activities and fund usage, and imports financial transactions into its accounting system.

Who can use FEMS?

  • Physicians
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Physician Society Staff

Why is FEMS being used?

At the individual physician level, sessional claims can be paid electronically allowing for faster processing times. For ease, claims can also be submitted and viewed through the mobile application of FEMS.

At the facility level, FEMS will reduce the physician society’s administrative burden related to the processing of claims, and assist in the management of engagement activities and funds.

For the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC, FEMS allows for standardized electronic reporting at several levels, and tracking of physician feedback against engagement activities.

Comparative, aggregated analyses for the Facility Engagement Initiative will be possible using the data captured by FEMS.

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