Project Lead:

Damian Duffy, Dr. Caron Strahlendorf

Co-investigators and Collaborators Names:

Dr. Karen Campbell, Dr. Jenny Druker, Dr. Derek Human, Dr. Frederick Kozak, Dr. Christopher Lyons, Dr. Ashnoor Nagji

Project Description:

This project was focused on gaining a preliminary understanding of delivery of outreach care at BC Childrenā€˜s Hospital, and to provide sample data on patient satisfaction of two outreach clinics in BC. A REDCap project and survey were developed during the summer of 2018, with the survey sent to all MASES members in September 2018. A total of 69 medical staff completed the survey. Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires were implemented at two outreach care clinics, in Bella Bella and Nelson, BC. A total of 36 patients completed this questionnaire. A focus group was held on April 15th, 2019, for which all MASES members were invited to attend. This focus group focused upon current outreach care practices and shaping future goals for outreach care. Three key themes were discussed during the focus group: Outreach Strengthening and Capacity Building, Resources and Funding, and Involving Trainees in Outreach Care.

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