Project Lead:

Dr. Nancy Lanphear

Project Description:

Currently, the Developmental Pediatrics team is primarily located at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. It was felt that other colleagues and departments know little about the staff and work done in this department and vice versa. This project served to bring together Developmental Pediatrics and colleagues in Neurology and Psychiatry first to get to know each other. This included a series of dinners as well as a retreat to discuss various practice approaches and to explore how each department overlaps and how they differ. While medical cases were used to begin the conversation, the goal was not to share medical knowledge but to talk about beliefs, philosophical approaches, and communication with the patient, the family, and each other.

Simple objectives: (1) to know staff members across departments by name and face, (2) to trust that we can call on each other for case-based discussion, (3) to actively seek out collaboration with patients. These things were measured by a baseline survey and rating scales. In one year, these measures will be repeated. If communication improves, the quality literature would tell us that our care for patients would as well.

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