The first workshop will cover Liberating Structures and will be lead by Dr. Lawrence Yang, a family doctor, Quality Improvement coach and self-proclaimed “change agent.” This workshop will be held on

Thursday, January 9th from 4pm-6pm in the
BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute (Room 2108 – across from the Chan Auditorium)

So what are Liberating Structures exactly? At their essence, they are a selection of alternative tools for facilitating conversations, meetings, and idea generation. In complex systems like healthcare with highly-skilled, talented, and compassionate people and deeply entrenched culture, how staff and personnel and leaders interact can be limited greatly by the confines of historical precedent and haphazard facilitation. This limit on productive discourse can delay the evolution of team-based health services and thus the joy that comes from team success. Lawrence has found liberating structures to be highly useful in team formation, change idea generation, and stakeholder engagement. Liberating structures can also be applied in a variety of settings, from an individual’s family environment to the workplace. This workshop aims to introduce participants to several types of liberating structures, and see how they can promote creative energy and ideas.

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