Project Lead:

Dr. Dianna Louie

Project Description:

The goal of this project was to encourage engagement between the CTU attending physicians and pediatric residents. It has been well documented in the literature that physician burnout leads to lower patient satisfaction scores, an increase in medical errors, increased likelihood of leaving the profession and increased disruptive behaviour. Our aim was to combat physician distress and foster resiliency by developing a peer support group for ward physicians and residents. CTU attendings and residents were contacted to find out what type of engagement activities they wanted to participate in. With their feedback events were organized every two months over the course of the year. Events were organized both on-site so that people could easily come as well as off-site so that physicians could socialize outside of the work setting.

CTU attendings and residents were very appreciative of the efforts made and indicated that it made them feel more connected to one another and part of a “bigger community”. It also appears to have increased the discussion about wellness and kindness to one another and has built a greater sense of friendship amongst staff.

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