Office of Workplace Wellness Culture & Experience

Dear Medical Staff and Residents,

In an effort to support accessing childcare for our Medical Staff and Residents, we have set up a CW venue for you to advertise your childcare requirements. We are also sharing information on how to access the UBC Medical Student Initiative designed to support Physicians. Please see the details below. If you have any questions, please contact, or call 604- 875-2982.

CW Initiative: What you need to know

This initiative is for all Medical Staff, Residents and all staff at BCCH and BCW, developed in collaboration with Patient Experience.

1. You will need to complete the attached Child Care Request Form and submit this to (please note there are only three individuals who have access to this email and will be processing and uploading the requests).

2. Your request will be posted on the BCCH website under Patient Experience, under the tab of ‘resources’. This is a public website and it was the only immediate option we had to ensure that the volunteers could access the information.

3. We will be sending an email to all of the BCCH/BCW volunteers (who are not on-site at this time) and invite them to visit the Patient Experience webpage to look at the childcare opportunities

4. You will be contacted directly by individuals interested in providing care.

5. If you have been able to secure childcare, we ask that you re-connect with and we will remove your ad and/or make updates if necessary.

6. Those advertising for childcare will be responsible for acquiring appropriate references and making arrangements with potential childcare providers.

7. If you are contacted by interested individuals, you may email and ask for verification that the individuals responding to your ad are registered as a volunteer at BCCH/BCW. We cannot provide references.

UBC Medical Student Initiative: What you need to know

This initiative was designed by UBC Medical students who would like to volunteer their time to support physicians. This can include, but is not necessarily limited to: basic childcare; grocery shopping; trips to the pharmacy; pet care; and general errands. At this time, the service has the capacity to accept requests for no more than 15 hours per week of student service. Students are not meant to replace childcare services, only to lend a helping hand. Please note that this is not an initiative of the UBC Faculty of Medicine, it is a student-led and student-organized attempt to support the physician community. Medical student volunteers can only be provided while in-person classes or rotations are suspended, and this may change as the outbreak progresses. The Process: Please fill out this form Within 24 hours, a student coordinator will reach out to you via text or email with the status of your request, and subsequently pair you with the most suitable available student volunteer.

We encourage families to continue searching for alternate child care in the event we are able to find a provider.