Project Lead:

Dr. James Brown

Project Description:

Hemorrhage is a major cause of maternal mortality and morbidity. Transfusion is the cornerstone of management of hemorrhage, traditionally this is with allogeneic, or donated blood. Cell salvage is an alternative method: collecting blood intraoperatively, processing it and re-transfusing it to the patient. There is a growing body of medical literature supporting the safe and effective use of cell-salvage in the obstetric setting, as it has several advantages for both individual patients and healthcare services, e.g. preventing exposure to the risks of donor blood transfusion, cost effective, and reduces demand on limited donated blood stock. The aim of this project was to provide physician time to secure funding to support the acquisition of the necessary equipment and disposables, staffing, and staff training to be able to offer cell salvage at BC Women’s Hospital. As a result of this project, BC Women‘s can now consistently offer cell salvage during daytime hours and once training is completed will soon be able to provide a night time service. Reliable Anesthesia Assistant (AA) coverage for vacation time and sick leave, as well as having AA’s established as an essential service at the BC Women‘s site is the final piece that needs to be achieved. This project took a collaborative approach with all stakeholders and key individuals in the Health Authority.

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