Project Lead:

Dr. Gail Dodek-Wenner

Project Description:

Art is a valuable healing power for both patients and families, and the staff walking the hospital hallways. Examining a piece of visual art is a form of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, taking the viewer away to another place, even for just a moment. Initially this project was a feasibility study of Art Acquisition at BC Women‘s Hospital. Meetings and interviews were conducted with community leaders, artists, gallery owners, and hospital

stakeholders (Jim O‘Hara at VGH Foundation, Andy Sylvester director of Equinox Gallery, Jaimie Evrard, a local artist, Roberta Beiser, an active member of the VGH Art Acquisition Advisory Board, Dr. Ellen Giesbrecht, Senior Medical Manager of Inpatient, Cheryl Davies, COO of BC Women‘s Hospital, and the Patient Experience Department of BC Women‘s and Children‘s Hospitals. Several meetings with the BC Women‘s Hospital Foundation were also held and an application was submitted to develop the BC Women‘s Hospital Healing Art Fund.

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