Project lead:

Dr. Gillian Lauder

Co-investigators and Collaborators:

Andrew Poznikoff, Nick West, Dr. Randa Ridgway, Dr. Myles Cassidy, Susan Poitras

Project Description:

The objective of this project was to build a user-friendly electronic database for the Acute Pain Service (APS) to allow for meaningful quality assurance audits to be performed regularly. This provides practitioners with feedback and engages them in meaningful dialogue on APS treatment outcomes. Work to date has included translating four APS data sheets gathered into electronic form using REDCap. This iterative process had highlighted a number of deficiencies inherent to the data collection sheets themselves. This has kick-started a larger process of revamping the way data is collected and communicated between physicians with the goal of ultimately streamlining the care of those on the APS.

The project will continue to be supported by the Anesthesia Department as the APS evolves. Preliminary testing of the REDCap electronic database also suggested the need to simplify data entry and reporting features. These changes will be implemented in the next few months. Once changes have been approved by all co-investigators, backlog data from APS sheets since the start of the calendar year will be entered to allow a full year of reporting for the proposed 2019 audit. This project has resulted in identifying the need to revamp the APS sheets. This will increase their relevance to be included as part of the medical record, increase physician efficiency while on pain rounds, communicate more information to the care team, and allow meaningful data to be collected by the database for QA audit purposes.

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