Who are we?

The MSA is comprised of the physicians, dentists, and midwives who hold a permit to practice medicine, dentistry, and midwifery in the Facilities and Programs operated by PHSA and who have been appointed to the Medical Staff. Currently, there are 830 members.

What do we do?

The objectives of the MSA are to promote and advance its membership’s involvement in the provision of medical services and to represent and advocate for the interests of MSA members. Any issues that arise between MSA members or with the Senior Medical Leadership of PHSA may be brought to the attention of the MSA. Issues can be directed to the MSA Executive or brought forward at an MSA Meeting. The operation and structure of the MSA are made, approved and adopted by its membership. It is the duty of the MSA President to represent the collective interest of its membership. The MSA holds quarterly meetings and it is hoped that members can attend at least two meetings per year. The AGM is the last meeting of the calendar year.

What is our vision or mission?

Our vision is to have a healthy and engaged MSA membership caring for patients and their families in order to provide the best possible health-care. Our mission is to continuously contribute to the wellness of our MSA membership and to support our membership. Our mission also includes a commitment to research and clinical activities that enhance patient care. We are an engaged partner with the PHSA, we have the shared objective to provide best possible health-care to our patients.

MSA Elected Officers:

Dr. Linda Casey (President), Dr. Myles Cassidy (Vice-President) and Dr. Sadiq Abdulla (Secretary-Treasurer). These officers and Dr. Henry Woo (Past President) form the MSA Executive.

Medical and Allied Staff Engagement Society (MASES):

All members of the MSA are automatically members of MASES. MASES is an incorporated entity set up to manage the funds assigned to our MSA from the Doctors of BC that were negotiated for Facility Engagement in the last Physician Master Agreement. Meetings of the MASES are held in conjunction with MSA meetings or ad hoc with appropriate notice.

MSA/MASES Executive

Dr. Linda Casey

Dr. Myles Cassidy
Vice- President

Dr. Sadiq Abdulla

Dr. Henry Woo
Past President