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What is the MSACW

The Medical Staff Association of Children’s and Women’s is composed of the physicians, dentists, midwives, and nurse practitioners on staff at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospitals, as laid out in the Hospital Act and Hospital Act Regulations, originally passed by the BC Legislature in 1996.

The goal of the MSACW is to promote and advocate for our members’ involvement in the provision of medical care, to represent the interests of our members, and to support member engagement on campus.

General Membership meetings are held quarterly, with elections for the Executive Board taking place during the December meeting.

What is MASES

The Medical Allied Staff Engagement Society is the non-profit society which is part of the provincial Facility Engagement Initiative. MASES works to strengthen MSA member engagement with their work colleagues, improve the work environment, and enhance member relationships with the institution. The MSACW Executive members serve as the MASES directors and oversee the projects funded by MASES and FEI. Read more about MASES.

Executive Board


President, Dr. James Chen

Dr. Chen is a Pediatric Anesthesiologist who joined Children & Women’s in 2007. He completed his residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital and fellowship at Seattle Children’s Hospital, after meandering around the US for schooling at various levels. He grew up in rural Illinois, originally striving to emulate his family practitioner father but fatefully veering into just about the furthest specialty from primary care.

Within the hospital, he has served as Assistant Dept. Head, chaired the Surgical Suites Advisory Committee, and was involved in BCW Redevelopment as a member (and eventual Co-Chairperson) of the Clinical Planning and Delivery Team. His academic interests lie in perioperative anxiety, change management, and lean methodology.

The MSA Presidency is his first real involvement with the Medical Staff Association – which shows that anyone can contribute!

Vice President, Dr. Kathryn R (Katey) Armstrong

Dr. Armstrong, MBChB, MD is a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia, a Pediatric Cardiologist, and the Head of the Heart Failure and Transplant Program at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital. Katey is also the Associate Medical Director of the Multi-Organ Transplant Program. She is active in cardiac transplant clinical practice and research both locally and nationally and is the Chair Elect of the Canadian Society of Transplant Pediatric Committee. Her clinical work and research focus on adolescents, transition, exercise rehabilitation, and the use of mobile health technology to empower solid organ transplant patients and patients with cardiomyopathy to improve their interaction with their healthcare providers. She has engaged with and received funding in the past from MSA to determine the environmental impact of pediatric subspecialty outreach services on greenhouse gas emissions in BC and, more recently, has worked to advance female physician leadership across the C&W campus.

Outside of work, she loves to socialize, ski and swim! Katey hopes to bring her enthusiasm and energy to the role of Vice President, to support the president, to share his workload and to create a collegial and kind environment for all staff members.

Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Li Wang

Dr. Wang joined the Department of Pathology at Children’s & Women’s Hospital in 2013 after she completed her residency in medical biochemistry at McMaster University. Over the years, she has been a member of the hospital Pharmacy, Therapeutics and Nutrition (PTN) committee, Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD) committee and hospital Point of Care committee. She is currently the chair for the BC Association of Laboratory Physician Chemistry Science Section (BCALP CSS).

As the secretary treasurer, her focus is to manage both the Medical Staff Association funds as well as the MASES funds to support engagement activities. Her goal is to engage, inspire, and empower more medical staff to get involved in PHSA decisions and share their voices. Dr. Wang hopes that every medical staff member feels that they work in an equitable, respectful, and pleasant work environment and are proud of the quality of patient care they provide.

Past President, Dr. Linda Casey

Dr. Casey is a Pediatrician and former Director of the Complex Nutrition and Feeding Service at BCCH. She served for three years as MSA President and has steered the MSA through difficult times with grace. We wish her well in her very recent retirement!

Admin Team

Project Manager:  Roya Yamini

Project Coordinator:  Evita Mora Perea

Strategic Vision

Our 2022 Vision

  • Rebuild MSA capabilities and function, including dues payment and admin team.
  • Improve communication within and amongst MSA membership.
  • Increase Engagement by MSA members, by participation in working groups and activities.
  • Advocate for increased clinician input into Health Authority planning.


What’s the difference between the MSA and the MAC?

In contrast to the MSA, the Medical Advisory Committee is charged with monitoring the effectiveness and quality of the care provided on campus, maintenance of professional standards by the Medical Staff, and enacting disciplinary measures as needed. It is an entirely separate organization. The members of the MAC are appointed by, and are responsible to, the Board of Directors of the PHSA. As the representative of the MSA members, the MSACW President sits on both the local C&W MAC as well as the Health Authority MAC (HAMAC) to ensure your voice is heard. If interested, you can read more about the MAC in Section 8 (p.70) of the PHSA Rules.


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