Marisa Catapang, Cherry Mammen, Rob Humphreys, Nonnie Polderman, Andrew MacNeily, Dr. Kourosh Afshar, Leanne Dahlgren, Ariadna Fernandez, Teagan Po White, Ella Chan

Project Description:

Currently, the development and use of clinical pathways in pediatric medicine is limited. In 2011, the Pediatric Nephrology Clinical Pathways Development Team was established to improve the delivery and quality of care to children with kidney disease across British Columbia. Its goals are the development, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of standardized, evidence-based, and locally-relevant clinical pathways. Imperative to this process is the integration of multidisciplinary expertise from various specialty medical staff and healthcare professionals. This project therefore represents an exercise in collaboration, consensus-building, and continuous re-evaluation. As part of this project, we aim to use our expertise, experience, and previous successes in the pathway development process to 1) champion a broader, more generalizable template for pathway development in pediatric care at BC Children’s Hospital, and 2) validate this template by piloting its utility as a model for developing a new pathway for the management of congenital kidney anomalies. In doing so, we aim to promote clinical pathway development as a means of engaging medical staff, standardizing care, minimizing practice variation, and ultimately improving clinical outcomes.

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