Dear C&W MSA members:
Another year has flown by and it is time for our MSA Annual General Meeting, next Monday in the Shaughnessy Auditorium (agenda below).
There is much to report on as we settle into the new TACC building.   This time of year is also our annual opportunity to liaise and express our gratitude to the tremendous work done by the BCCH and BCWH Foundations as their leaders, Teri Nicholas and Genesa Greening will be in  attendance.   We will have an update from our MASES and Facility Engagement Initiative.
Carl Roy, CEO of PHSA, has been invited to speak and hopefully he can expand on his e-mail from earlier this week about the plans to restructure the medical staff organization at our site and throughout PHSA.
Hope as many of you can attend as possible.   A light dinner will be served.
Dr. Henry Woo,
MSA President

MSA AGM and MASES Quarterly Meeting


December 4th 2017 – Shaughnessy Auditorium 17:00 – 18:15 pm

Light Meal available at 16:45 onward

1. Call to order and approval of minutes of prior MSA meeting – H. Woo

2. MSA President Updates and Treasurer’s Report – H. Woo, G. Brinkman

3. Standing items

3.1 President’s Report – S. Wannamaker

3.2 Facility Engagement: Medical and Allied Staff Engagement Society Update – L. Casey

3.3 Site Redevelopment Update – E. Reimer

3.4 MAC Chair Report – E. Webber

3.5 PHSA Report from CEO – C. Roy

3.6 MSA Executive Treasurer position open – Nominations (D. Courtemarche)

4. New Business and Guests

4.1 BCCH and BCWH Foundations – T. Nicholas and G. Greening (early)


Next MSA and MASES Meeting – March 26th 2018 in the Shaughnessy Auditorium

MSA AGM Dec 4th 2018 Agenda,pdf

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